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Aero Force One
August 29, 2008

I Love New York Too!

With the closing days of summer upon us and September here, I woke up this morning unusually happy. I then read the sports page and thought to myself “oh yeah it’s because the Yankees are 10 ½ games out of first place and 6 games from the “Wild Card.” With 30 or so games left I am sure stranger things have happened but today I feel good. I have never owned anything with a NY Yankees logo on it. I wouldn’t even wear a ‘Yankees Suck!’ Or Jeter Swallows shirt. That’s not me! All I care about today is that the Yankees (I even hate typing Yankees) are behind the Red Sox in the standings. I guess the saying “I love NY too, it’s the Y%@nk**s I hate” fits me to a tee.

With that out of my system a couple of New Yorkers named Kramer and Tyler took the stage at Boston’s Hard Rock on Monday night. It was a benefit for Boston for Africa. I’m not quite sure what the benefit was benefiting but I bet it was a good cause. I heard Tom Brady’s sister was heading the thing up. Tom made an appearance at the Club and stayed for a little over an hour. I did run into him in the bowels of the Hard Rock as he was making his way out of the restaurant and into his still idling SUV waiting for him on the street. As he walked by, all time stopped. I went into slow motion mode and wished Tom good luck this season. He stuck out his hand and said “thanks a lot” and I returned with my standard reply whenever I meet a member of the Patriots family – “I’m a season ticket holder” – and like a true politician Tom responded, “thanks for the support,” as he hurried into his awaiting Dav-El driven SUV, with Gisele close behind, and drove off into the blackness of the night. His hands like granite his smile like one of the Osmond’s. I had just had an encounter with the greatest football player that has ever lived. OK, I juiced the last part up a bit for dramatic effect. But it was pretty cool none the less.

Steven had agreed to give away one of his “Redwing” motorcycles to the winner of a Guitar Hero competition that was being held at the Rock on this night too. The winner was a guy named Eric Miller from Utah that in my mind should have also won an award for having way too much time on his hands.

Steven and Joey assembled a band to play a few songs that night to cap off the event. It was basically the band Joey and James Montgomery have on the side with a different lead singer with lips the size of Rhode Island. There are several ties between this band and Aerosmith. The obvious was the bass player, David Hull who played in the Joe Perry project and then later subbed for Tom Hamilton while Tom was recovering from throat cancer. David is one of my favorite bass players to listen to. I was amazed at the sounds coming out of his rig. Paul Santo plays keyboards in Joey and James’ band but played guitar this night. Aero diehards may have seen his name before as he has been involved in a lot of recordings since Just Push Play. He was mainly an engineer in the studio but also played some keyboards on Bobo. He has worked with countless other artists but I don’t have the time or patience to list them here. Become a friend on his myspace page and stroke his ego. Then there was the other guitarist, George McCann. The only thing I could think of about George is Tom Hamilton’s father is named “George.” I shat you negative. So that’s his connection. The guys settled on a set list leaning on blues and funk. Joey is a funk guy and you can tell he is much happier playing stuff like Mother Popcorn than any blues song. The band was joined by legendary guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter. I’m not quite sure why he is called Skunk and I wasn’t about to ask him. Word has it he has been working as a defense consultant, chairs a Congressional Advisory Board on missile defense, and dabbles on guitar in his spare time. I wasn’t about to mess with this overly mustached monster of a guitar player. He shredded on Walk this Way and laid down a funky rhythm bed on Mother Popcorn that would have put James Brown in a cold sweat. Jeff was a member of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers. He also played with 60’s band Ultimate Spinach and more recently the Blues Brothers – (thank you wikipedia)!

Photo By: John B. “Steven and Joey with Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter”

It was an awesome night of music and more importantly for AF1 Nation it was good to see Steven back up on stage for more than one song. His pipes sounded great and granted the stage was the size of a postage stamp he maneuvered well and seemed to be having a ball.

Steven’s plans for the next few weeks are to continue to write his book. He has mentioned to me numerous times about having journals and I’m sure it’s going to take a lot of time to sift through them.

Joey will continue to play with James Montgomery until Aerosmith hits the studio. You should really catch a show when they come near you.

Joe and his son Roman are taking part in a CBS Evening News with Katie Couric feature on A NEWS STORY Regarding HOW GUITAR HERO HAS BECOME AN EFFECTIVE PLATFORM FOR ESTABLISHED ARTISTS TO REACH A WHOLE NEW GENERATION OF MUSIC FANS. Roman is involved because he was the first one to play the game and tell his dad about it. The show is scheduled to air next week sometime.

I hear the band is going into the studio in October if the creek don’t rise and the good lord’s willin’.
See you on the Road!

John B.

Experience Hendrix October 15th – Brad Whitford To Perform

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Portsmouth Herald News, NH
August 29, 2008

Two classic shows kick off the fall line up at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. The inventors of rock-comedy Cheech & Chong (who recently stopped feuding) will bring their “Light Up America…” tour to the Ballroom on Friday, Oct. 3 and Experience Hendrix returns to the Ballroom for the second year in a row with a line-up including Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox, Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Johnson and many more. Experience Hendrix hits the beach Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Tickets to both shows go on sale Thursday, Sept. 4, Experience Hendrix at 10 a.m. and Cheech and Chong at — wait for it — 4:20 p.m. Call 929-4100, or visit For information, visit or call the concert hotline at 929-4201.