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Aero Force One
September 16, 2008

A Really Big Shoe!!!

I know what you’re thinking! I’m a jinx. Two weeks after I wished Tom Brady good luck this season I watched in horror as he limped off the Gillette Stadium pitch against KC in week 1. I have been having bad luck with legs. It all started in Anchorage Alaska about a decade ago. I was waiting for the band to finish “Mama Kin.” As usual Steven was waving around his mic stand like a baton when BANG! The glass and scarf covered mic stand bangs off his knee. Show over, tour over just like that. We went to a local hospital to confirm an ACL tear and then it was off to Minneapolis to shoot the “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” video. Steven was a trooper and finished the video and then it was back to Boston to go under the knife. A few years later Joe’s balky knee needed attention and he too went under the knife to clean it up. I had the extreme misfortune to meet the biggest guy in my hockey league leg to leg about a year and 8 months ago. I needed a stretcher and ambulance to get off the ice and he skated away like nothing happened. Back to Joe. Five months ago he had total knee replacement surgery. The doctor said he should be able to resume playing and running around the stage in 10-12 months. Same with Brady. After Brady went down I got text messages from all over the country asking me if I am going to sell my season tickets. They were saying that the Pats are done! Instead of crying in my still Ice Cold Sam Summer I laughed and thought, although it is going to be an uphill climb, don’t count out Bill and company just yet. As of today the Patriots are in first place at 2-0. What place is your team in?

The night before the game I went to Philadelphia to go to Adrian Perry’s wedding. I had a blast and it was a first class affair from top to bottom. Adrian and his bride Anne made everybody feel right at home. It was great seeing all the Perry clan in one place. Mary Perry was there wondering if she was going to finally get to see her son jam with her Grandson’s. She didn’t have to wait long. The wedding had a lot of the traditional things you see at such an event. Bride dances with father, groom dances with Mother. Bride cuts the cake, groom cuts the cake but when you have Joe Perry, and sons at a wedding you know things are going to get rockin’ fast. I sat at a table with Joe’s buddy Perry Margeloff and his wife Took. To my right was Fran Defeo from Sony and her sister. Needless to say the conversation ranged between guitars (Perry is a guitar collector) and the state of the music business today. After the cake was cut we went into another room where a band was set up. Adrian and Tony had it set up where there was a house band (Tastes like Chicken) set up to play but he also had a list of special guests to come up and play. Joe played first with Tony on guitar, Adrian on bass and Ben Tileston on drums. The band better known as TAB. Joe borrowed a Les Paul from the house band. You could clearly see that the guys strap was a little to short for Joe’s liking but he managed. They kicked into “Goin’ Down” first. Goin’ Down was rehearsed by the guys for the first show back in October of last year at the Annex in NYC but was never played even though it was on the set list. Tonight it was played and brought the house down. It was great getting to see Joe back on stage testing out that knee. They then kicked into “Stop Messin’” with Joe on lead vocals as always. Joe then passed his guitar on to someone else and it was off to the races. For the next two hours everything from Joe Cocker to Green Day was played in that room. Unfortunately Brad couldn’t make it out of North Carolina because of Hurricane Hanna but his 3 sons, Zack, Graham and Harry aka Robbie, Chip and Ernie were there taking part in the festivities.

Adrian topped off his wedding week by taking in the Jets-Pats game in NJ last Sunday.

Brad will be part of the Hendrix Experience concerts that are playing around the country. I heard Brad will be at 10 of the shows but I’m sure the studio will dictate if he will be able to take part in anymore than that. It seems like a great idea. Mitch Mitchell has to be one of the most influential drummers of the 60’s. Billy Cox took over for Noel Redding in 1969 on bass and played with Hendrix until he died which was just a little over a year later. So this is a huge piece of rock history here and Brad will be front and center playing some tasty Hendrix licks. If you get a chance go see it.

Steven will be busy this week playing with Chris Botti at Symphony Hall in Boston. As you know Steven sang the Charlie Chaplin penned song “Smile” on Chris’s album “To Love Again”. He will be performing that song as well as a Aerosmith hit this Thursday and Friday.

Picture this:

Yesterday I walked into unsuspecting Joe Perry in the office of the Boneyard. He had his back to the door sitting in an oversized leather chair tapping his foot to the AC DC song “Sin City” off Powerage. As I looked over to his right I saw a strange piece of black plastic spinning around and around. Joe had every single AC DC album out on vinyl in the office. It was such a cool sight to see that someone still listens to albums these days. By the way, it sounded F’n awesome. Joe and Tom just contributed to Classic Rock’s tribute to AC DC which should be out soon. It’s being written by Ken Sharp who is an awesome rock writer. Be sure to pick it up.

In Photo: Rich Little and Donny Wightman

A big shout out and get well soon wish goes out to fellow A-Smith road manager Donny Wightman who is recovering from Hip Replacement surgery. Donny, Steven and Joey went to a party at Nascar godfather Gary Bahre last Saturday and the entertainment was provided by Rich Little. Steven had a blast talking to Rich about his early days on the show biz scene including appearances on Johnny Carson and Ed Sullivan. Donny is the hippest guy I know. Get well soon!

See You On the Road!

John B.