Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Turns to Twitter Fans for Solo Album Title

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Aero Force One
Gary Graff, Detroit
July 3, 2009

Aerosmith’s next album might be “on the bench, in pieces,” waiting for the group to resume recording after it finishes touring in mid-September, but guitarist Joe Perry’s next solo album is just about ready to go.

Perry tells that he’s just finishing mixing the follow-up to 2005’s Grammy Award-nominated “Joe Perry” and expects it to be mastered next week. He plans to release a single in late July or early August, with the album coming out this fall.

“It’s a lot different than the last one,” Perry reports. “The last one was a straight-ahead rocker. This one’s got some different things on it.” The album was recorded in about seven weeks at Perry’s home studio, The Boneyard; he shares lead vocal duties with a German singer his wife, Billie, discovered on the Internet, and there’s one instrumental track. David Hull from the Joe Perry Project and Ben Tileston, who plays with two of Perry’s sons in TAB The Band, were also involved.

“We were working around the clock, through weekends and everything, and it was all live,” Perry says. “In fact, a lot of the vocals are live along with the rest of the band. (Sound) was bleeding from one track to another; if somebody had a bad take everybody had a bad take, and we played it ’til we got a good one. Of course we went in and overdubbed a lot of the other stuff, but the energy is there. You can feel it.”

The one thing Perry doesn’t have yet is a title; for that he’s holding a contest via Twitter, letting fans make suggestions. If one of the fan’s is chosen, the winner will receive a guitar. “It’s tough, obviously, without having heard the record for people to name it,” he notes, “but we may find something really good. There’ve already been a bunch that are possibilities.”

Once the album is released Perry hopes to hit the road with his own band for “a short, fast, hard tour. That’s what I’m really looking forward to…getting back out there with some old friends and some other musicians and doing it like the old days.”

The Aerosmith album, its first since 2004’s “Honkin’ on Bobo,” will also be a consideration at that point as the group — which wraps up its current tour with ZZ Top on Sept. 16 — hits the studio again with producer Brendan O’Brien. “That is the next project right after we get off the road,” Perry says. “We’ll take a little break and then put it together. I’m hoping it will come together pretty fast, but I’ve been saying that for five years, so…”

Joey Kramer Donates VIP Ticket Packages for Urban Farming

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Aero Force One
July 2, 2009

Through you can bid on Aerosmith VIP Ticket Packages for the Las Vegas and Los Angeles shows. Each package comes with:

- A pair of tickets to the show
- A back stage tour
- VIP pre-show party with special appearance by Joey Kramer
- A killer swag bag of Aerosmith merch

Here is the link to the Urban Farming auction page:

About Urban Farming:

Urban Farming’s mission is to eradicate hunger, alleviate poverty and green our environment. We locate and secure unused land, space, rooftops and walls for the purpose of bringing people together to plant organic food gardens in low income urban areas throughout America and abroad. Children, adults and seniors are given the supplies, tools, and education to create a lasting sustainable solution to these local and global issues.

Neighbors are encouraged to share their healthy harvest with local food banks to help others in need. This system of increasing diversity while working together for a common cause builds safer cities, provides food security, and instills hope for a better future. Planting attractive food gardens beautifies the area and helps to lower the heat index, aiding in the fight against global warming. Growing locally reduces the use of fossil fuels related to transporting produce to and from stores.

Urban Farming host several green science gardens in schools K thru 12. Children learn about team building, skills training, self-sufficiency, environmental issues, nutrition, health, and balanced living. Kids are proud to bring their fresh produce and newly acquired skills home to share. Older students receive the education and inspiration to prepare them for many types of green jobs and are encouraged to stay in school and volunteer in their community. A portion of the food grown in schools is also donated to local food banks.

Our Urban Farming Food Chain ‘Edible’ Wall Gardens consist of growing panels vertically installed on the sides of concrete walls. They are also available as portable free standing walls on wheels. So far we have placed them at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, The Weingart Center, and The Rainbow Apartments in the Skid Row area of LA. These walls are to be as links in a chain across the world, providing food for the hungry and greening the globe. The most recent edible wall garden was installed at the Brotherhood and SisterSol after school program in Harlem, New York on April 16th. They serve over 250 students ages 7 thru 19.

During World War II Twenty million people planted “Victory Gardens” at their homes and grew 40% of this Nation’s produce. They did it then and we can do it again!