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Aero Force One
August 3, 2010

Belts, Balls and Golf Carts

Hey everyone. In Dallas here getting ready for show number 5 on the “Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock” tour.

While at home I got to go with Tom Hamilton to Fenway Park to see him throw out the first pitch at a Sox game. Going to Fenway never get’s old. My first time there was in 1972 when my mother took me to my first game. Now 38 years later I will get to see my first concert there if the good lord’s willing. Tom was great and he was in great form. My only piece of advice was to throw it as hard as he could because it may not look far out there but it is. What did he do? Short hopped it to the plate. I have seen far worse. Do me a favor check this out:

Fenway Park. Photo: John B.

Tom will be throwing out fingers next time he winds up at Fenway.

The shows have been going great and it’s good to have one of the band’s road managers back. Donny Wightman has healed from his recent run in with a golf cart. He still has nightmares of the runaway golf cart and has vowed never to ride in a golf cart or eat Greek food again. Unfortunately one of our hotels was adjacent to a golf course and he was met with public enemy number 2 face to face.

You can run but you can’t hide Wightman! Photo: John B.

Another thing I got to do at home was boost my ratings for father of the year when I took my daughter to the Taylor Swift concert. She did about 5 songs in an hour and a half and spent most of the time looking at the crowd bewildered. Justin Beiber opened the show and butchered “Walk this Way” but the crowd loved it so what the hell.

The whole Father of the year thing didn’t last too long when I told her Miranda Cosgrove (I’ll wait while you google her) came to the Irvine show and I didn’t get her autograph.

One guy you won’t have to google is Randy Johnson, who was there to photograph the show. I met the Cy Young award and future Hall of Fame pitcher at the Led Zeppelin show in Dec. 07 when he was hanging around old Ross Halfin. He wanted to know if he could roam around the stage like Mr. Halfin but I told him Ross is 5 foot 4 and you are 6’ 10” – I doubt the people in the first 20 rows would appreciate you blocking their view. He asked me for some advice and I told him, “you have watched Halfin a million times, right? Well do exactly the opposite.” Below are some of Randy’s outstanding shots.

Ace photographer Robert Knight also shot Irvine as well as Las Vegas. Robert is a seasoned pro and has been around the block a few times. Check out his work. He first photographed Aerosmith in 1974. He is a fine human.

The band has extended the tour to include 5 Canadian dates to go along with the Toronto show. Joan Jett will be the support act on the western swing in Sept. If you get a chance check out the new Runaways movie and you will get a sense where the true “Mother of Punk Rock” came from. Some might have a case for Patti Smith but my vote is for Joan. She has been on several dates with Aerosmith in her 30 year career and it’s good to have her back.

What the hell does Joe Perry have against fans and guitars? He has been destroying stage fans and using his belt way better than my father (thank God) ever did on a nightly basis. If you leave before the end of the show you run the risk of missing Joe open up a can of whoop ass on immovable stage objects.

This weeks Employee of the Week goes to:

Trace Foster. Trace is Joe’s guitar tech. He has been with Joe for just under a year now but comes stocked with a kick ass resume. He took over for Joe’s old tech, Jim Survis, and has passed with flying colors. I don’t have enough space to type what band’s he has worked with but it was probably one of your favorites (besides Aerosmith of course). He is definitely a rock and roll oddity out here. Not only is he a good tech he is a great guitar player. He used to come up and play during the Project set. Check out the live version of “Wooden Ships” and you will see what I mean.

Trace Foster with Glen Campbell

See you on the Road!
Johnny B.