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Aero Force One
September 23, 2008

Yo Yo Mama Kin!

I am not a big fan of Jazz. Let’s get that right out in the open. When I hear the word Jazz I think of Kenny G’s hair and Bill Cosby’s sweaters. Instead of Ambien the good people at Sanofi-Aventis should have called the sleep aid “Jazz.” OK, that being said, I had a blast at the Chris Botti show last week. Sting was there as well as John Mayer, Josh Groban, Yo Yo Ma and of course the Demon of Screamin’ Steven Tyler. I will fill you in on the Tyler-Botti connection. It’s pretty simple: Russ Irwin. After the Nine Lives tour ended in 1999, Russ hitched his wheels to Sting’s cart and it’s there he met Chris Botti who was playing trumpet for Mr. Sumner. When Chris was recording his album “To Love Again” in 2005 Russ suggested Steven for the vocals on “Smile.” So when CB was going to tape his special for WGBH here in Boston he called ST to come and sing at Symphony Hall and the Demon jumped at the chance. One strange thing did happen right before John Mayer was set to go on stage the second night. A guy in the 4th or 5th row started to take a heart attack. One of Chris’s friends was a cardiologist and was sitting a few rows in front of the guy. What luck! When my ticker goes I’ll probably be stuck in an elevator with Larry the Cable Guy and Joey’s drum tech Magee. Mayer was shaken and was wondering if the guy was alright. After the EMT’s gave him the once, twice and three times over he was transported to a local area Hospital and the latest word was he would be OK. They pushed John back and put Sting on next.

It was good to see Vic Tallarico at the gig. He was front and center with Steven’s sister Linda. Vic as you all know is a professional pianist himself and I’m told a bathroom attendant over heard Vic say he could play circles around Russ Irwin. Vic is the only person that can get away with calling Steven “Steve” without getting a pink slip.

Yo Yo Ma was in the house. This guy was a cool MF. He is in the “Classical” category so he’s ok in my book. I was tempted to ask if he harbors any resentments towards his parents for naming him after a popular 50’s kid’s toy. I guess it’s better than Slinky Ma.

Yo Yo Ma Kicks Ass! – by: Steven Tallarico

Separated at Birth? – by: John Bionelli

Steven performed “Cryin’” and “Smile.” I thought those two songs went well together. It was funny watching Sting check out Steven’s rehearsal and then Steven watch Sting’s. Steven ran up to Sting’s mic and sang a few bars of “Roxanne.”

Word is that the performance will be on a DVD and CD in the future.

Steven Practicing – by: John Bionelli

Steven Practicing – by: John Bionelli

Steven Practicing – by: John Bionelli

Steven Practicing – by: John Bionelli

Now in the first steps for a CD release by Aerosmith. Joey and Joe got together last week and jammed together for the first time since Sept. 2007. Joe had been playing up until his knee surgery with the TAB boys and Joey has been playing with James Montgomery. They are both in mid tour form at the moment. Steven has been singing with Chris Botti, Billy Joel and his friends at the Hard Rock last month so he is limber. Brad will be playing with the Hendrix Experience next month so that leaves Tom. I suggest you guys keep sending him basses to keep the master of the big bottom in shape. I have a feeling though that Tom is going to be like a caged animal waiting for the next tour to start. He loves to perform and loves being on that stage.

See you in the Studio……

John B.

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