Exclusive: Mia Tyler Forgives Dad Steven

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March 12, 2010

Sometimes the challenges a family faces bring them closer together.

Just ask the beautiful model, Mia Tyler, who also happens to be the daughter of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

The 31-year-old says watching her father suffer from the powerful pull of addiction for the last 25 years has been hard, but a recent experience she had helped her understand more deeply the struggle he has endured.

Steven reportedly entered a rehab facility in December to get help for a painkiller addiction he started having after taking prescription painkillers for chronic knee and feet pain. This follows a 1986 rehab stint he did reportedly for a heroin addiction.

During a recent family visit and retreat Mia attended at the rehab facility Steven entered in December, she was able to forgive him and understand him better.

“They sat you down and you watched these movies and they taught you it’s really a part of the brain that makes it a disease, whether it’s gambling, shopping, heroin, booze, anything you are addicted to. I learned all these scientific facts I wish everyone could learn because you’d probably be a little more lenient on your loved ones who have struggled,” she says. “Learning that it was a disease was the biggest thing. I never thought of it that way. The fact that I understand now that addiction is actually a disease changes the way I look at him and people around me.”

Mia said the time there helped her forgive her father.

“I talked with him and the whole family talked and everyone feels so much better now. We can’t really blame him. We understand now that it was something out of his control all along. I love him. He is my dad after all. Hopefully he will learn the tools he needs to deal with his disease this time around. I think he will.”

Mia is the newest spokesperson for a cellulite-reducing supplement called CelluScience and an appetite-suppressant spray called FullFast, which she uses as part of her healthy-living lifestyle.

“I’m on a path right now to getting healthy. I’m a size 14 now and I want to get back to a 12. I don’t want to go any lower than that.”

She said the retreat helped her be more at peace with herself as well.

“One thing we did at the end is the counselor passed around a bag with rocks in it and we had to pick a rock but we were told the rock would pick you. I got the rock that had ‘serenity’ on it and I started bawling because it’s exactly what I need. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo now.”

As for the future, she’s optimistic about her father’s recovery and looking forward to the summer when she tags along with him to Download Festival in London where he’s performing with Aerosmith.

“It’s going to be such a cool experience. Besides the fact that dad pays for your hotel room, you get to see things differently when you go to see him play. Everyone thinks we live this big glamorous life, but we’re just a family from New Hampshire and we’re Italian and we love to sit around and eat and take pictures.”

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