Steven Tyler honored on American Idol: Birthday celebration on stage

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March 24, 2011

Steven Tyler looked shocked at the birthday cake brought out during Thursday night’s American Idol Results show. On stage, with the help of Stevie Wonder, the Top 11 American Idol contestants sang to the Aerosmith front signer and musical legend. Presenting a large cake and a portrait of the superstar, everyone took a moment to acknowledge a man known very well in the entertainment business.

So how old is Steven Tyler? Born March 26, 1948, Steven turns 63 on Saturday. The frontman of Aerosmith has definitely seen a comeback in his career both with the group and solo. As of 2011, Tyler is juggling many projects, including serving as talent judge on American Idol, working on new material with Aerosmith, and writing his autobiography Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? In addition to all his music, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Steven Tyler, picked for an American idol judge definitely has been the colorful portion to the judges equation. Giving advice and tips to the contestants, there isn’t anything normal that is shared by Steven Tyler and America absolutely loves it!

The birthday celebration, according to what was told to the audience was definitely a surprise for the judge as he didn’t know there was a celebration coming. Watching his reaction on the show, there isn’t any doubt he wasn’t aware of the celebration in his honor.

The American Idol Results show this week isn’t like other weeks. In addition to actually eliminating one contestant, those who escape elimination will have the honor of going out on tour after the season is over. American Idol always offers the top 10 contestants a spot on the tour so audience members around the country can appreciate the talent.

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