Happy Birthday, Steven Tyler!

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March 26, 2011

“American Idol judge Steven Tyler celebrates his birthday today! However, the celebration started early when he was surprised with a performance by Stevie Wonder, a cake, and a portrait during Thursday’s Top 11 results show. Watch the recap.

Since joining the American Idol team, Steven has entertained 30 million viewers with his hilarious one-liners, his sincerity, and his music industry experience. Steven is mostly known for being the frontman for the legendary rock group Aerosmith. The band started playing gigs over four decades ago, and they’re still actively making music and touring. Aerosmith sold over 100 million records and has won numerous prestigious awards, including Grammys, American Music Awards, Billboard Awards and MTV Awards. Aerosmith was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

This has been a big year for Steven Tyler. Over the summer he was announced as an Idol judge and immediately began touring the country for Season 10 auditions. Now we get to see him live on our TVs every Wednesday and Thursday on American Idol. Steven’s autobiography, Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?, is set for release in mid-2011.

Happy Birthday, Steven Tyler!

We caught up with Steven Tyler after the results show. Hear what he had to say.”

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