American Idol Auditions in Pasadena

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Daily Mail
December 15, 2011

There are often some awkward moments during American Idol auditions where angry contestants do not take kindly to the judges critiques.

So perhaps Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler was just taking the old saying ‘forewarned is forearmed’ a little too literally when he turned up for the latest season 11.

The hunky singer was spotted with a large Leatherman-style penknife strapped onto his bootcut jeans as he arrived for the day’s filming in Pasadena, California today.

Quite what Steven, 63, thought he would need such a large knife for is anyone’s guess, but no doubt Simon Cowell will be glad he is not still on the show after seeing these pictures.

The Aerosmith star recently took the opportunity to slam his rival judge, who now stars on X Factor USA, and claim that he was small-minded when it came to music. He said: ‘Well, it’s not like that other guy who says ‘I hate Country.’

‘That’s the one thing that turned me off about the show was that Simon passed on this kid and said, “besides which, I hate Country.”

‘Not my cup of tea. If I’m judging music, you don’t judge the genre.’

The star clearly practices what he preaches when it comes to not judging music by genre, as Aerosmith broke musical ground when they recorded a version of their 70s hit Walk This Way with Run DMC in 1986. However there is no danger of Steven getting into any fights with his fellow American Idol arbiters. He said the show is far better now the show’s former favourite has left, and that there is a new-found solidarity among the judging panel.

And the vocalist revealed he loves working on the show, and that the megabucks he gets paid comes far behind his wish to help young talent. He said: ”I’m not in this for the money, I’m not in this for the prestige.

‘I’m in it to see if I can bring something to this and find some kids, along with J-Lo, and along with Randy.

‘It’s just about me being open and honest and having fun up there.

‘When you see the camaraderie, that was never even in Idol, and I’m taking a risk in saying that.

‘I haven’t seen them all, but I don’t think there ever was.

‘The whole thing is so fairytale, and that’s why I took this American Idol thing. I knew not what I was getting in to, and it’s been good, thank God.’

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