Flying Goose and Steven Tyler – Our Surprise Guest

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September 26, 2009

“Thanks to everyone who came to our show at The Flying Goose on Thursday. It was a fantastic time for me and the band, and we really enjoyed playing for the people in attendance. A fantastic crowd indeed.

The cool thing for me was going up to New Hampshire again, which is a very beautiful part of the country. New London is a great little town, and it was very quaint and charming as I expected it would be. Ryan’s parents (Ryan plays bass with me for those that don’t know) live up there and Ryan’s father Jim (I call him James) was the promoter of the show. He did a fantastic job. We were lucky enough to stay with them and be shown incredible hospitality while we were up there. The show, the people, and the times were all fantastic. Big thanks!

The other reason that area was interesting to me is because a few years ago I read the Aerosmith autobiography Walk This Way, and this was the area that the members of that band met and founded the group. There are also some crazy stories of them up there during the life of the band, hanging out in their houses and doing all sorts of things, musical and not. So the place we were playing had a mythical aura about it to me, which was really fun.

However a real surprise came as we were right about to go on. I went to the bathroom to do a final minute of psyching myself up, and literally opened the door right into Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith himself. He was in there giving a little pre-show pep talk to Ryan. So, what was supposed to be a pre-show calming of nerves turned into a pre-show exciting of nerves. Nonetheless I cooled off the second I stepped up in front of everyone as usually happens, and we did our thing.

We were lucky enough to hang out with Steven a little while afterward, which was great. He had lots of great stories, even some about recording and writing in Vancouver, my home town, which were nice to hear. Safe to say that this was the only show so far where an audience member has signed more autographs than me and the band by a long shot, including one for me. It was awesome! Steven is a great guy and it was a pleasure to meet him, and a pleasure the play the Flying Goose.

Thanks again to everyone who came, and to James Gleason for his promotional efforts, and the whole Gleason family for their wonderful hospitality!”

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