Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson…rock icons jam like nobody’s watching

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April 17, 2012

(All photos courtesy of Suzanne Allison Photography)

The power of friendship and a true passion for music brought together an incredible mix of music legends and longtime friends Saturday night in LA. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson checked their stardom at the door and created music and memories without pressure, without payment, without demand…just because they wanted to, just because they are friends. The power of friendship and the gift that loyalty gives us didn’t stop there…longtime friends and band mates of Johnny’s, bass player/music producer Bruce Witkin, guitarist Joey Malone, songwriter/harmonica player for the night, Bill Carter, and Rob Klonel on drums all joined in to create a literal orchestra of downright good vibes and good times. Just like old friends, just like old times, just a bunch of guys hanging out and flat out rockin’. Pure bliss.

In the midst of this good time get together stands a young, talented, beautiful guitarist…unafraid, wailing away, rocking with the best of them and holding her own amongst the icons of rock. V Witkin is a force to be reckoned with, a style all her own. At the tender age of 20, she possesses the confidence and poise that seasoned players take years to develop. V plays along, unassumingly smiling , bending, moving, fingers flying and I’m sure heart soaring. Steven Tyler singing in her ear, arm around her neck and she just plays never missing a lick. Watch this girl, she won’t let you down and I have a feeling we will be hearing about her for a long, long time. V promises Atlas Jams her insight to the evening and we look forward to sharing it with you very soon.

The evening started out like any other Saturday night in LA…bullshit…this was like no other evening… EVER!! At this private gathering in an undisclosed location, Johnny Depp jams with Steven Tyler and Marilyn Manson…really? Marilyn Manson jammed for about 45 minutes with Johnny, Bruce, Joey and V. Relaxed, fun and invigorating. Like that wasn’t enough…then The Toxic Twins show up…yup, you heard me right, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry…this has to be a dream…all these guys in one place, c’mon, no way. Well…way…it happened, with V Witkin smack dab in the middle of it. Steven and Joe jammed with the gang for about 35 minutes and songs included “Walk this Way”, of course, Beatles hit “I Saw her Standing There”, and “Roadrunner”. Guitarist Joey Malone and bassist Bruce Witkin were in the band THE KIDS with Johnny back in the 80′s…Joey aptly named this collaboration, Aerokids…I like it.

Enjoy photos of an unforgettable night.

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